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Our lives are lived out in the eight categories of Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun.| The LIFE series of 4 CDs and a book each month is specifically designed to bring you life transforming information in each of these categories. Whether you are interested in one or two of these areas, or all eight, you will be delighted with timeless truths and effective strategies for living a life of excellence, brought to you in an entertaining, intelligent, well informed, and insightful manner. It has been said that it may be your life, but it's not yours to waste. Subscribe to the LIFE series today and learn how to make yours count!

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LLR series


Everyone will be called upon to lead at some point in his or her life, and often, at many points. The issue is whether or not people will be ready when called. The LLR series is based upon the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today best seller Launching a Leadership Revolution, written by Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward, in which leadership is taught in a way that applies to everyone. Whether you are seeking corporate or business advancement, community influence, church impact, or better stewardship and effectiveness in your home, the principles and specifics taught in the LLR series will equip you with what you need.

The subscriber will receive 4 CDs and a leadership book each month. Topics covered will include finances, leadership, public speaking, attitude, goal setting, mentoring, game planning, accountability and tracking of progress, levels of motivation, levels of influence, and leaving a personal legacy.

Subscribe to the LLR series and begin applying these LIFE transforming truths to your life today!

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EDGE series


"If I only knew then what I know right now!" How many older people have had these types of thoughts? If the principles of success and winning could be learned at any age, why do so many people not learn them until much later in life, if at all? Why shouldn't the principles of massive success be available to anyone at any age? After all, there is no age limit on success!

That's what the EDGE series is all about! Designed especially for those on the younger side of life, it is a hard-core, no frills approach to learning the things that will make for a successful life. You will laugh, you will cry, you will totally have fun. Featuring successful businessmen and women, authors, entrepreneurs, and even professional athletes who deliver true stories of success, the EDGE series will give anyone a head start on living a happy, fulfilling, successful, and meaningful life.

Eliminate the noise around you about what you are and who you should become. Instead, figure it out for yourself in a mighty way with life-changing information from people who would do just about anything to have learned these truths much, much sooner in life! It may have taken them a lifetime to discover these truths, but what they learned can be yours now on a monthly basis.

Get a competitive EDGE now!
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AGO series


Whether you have walked with Christ your entire life or just begun the journey, we welcome you to experience the love| , joy, understanding and purpose that only Christ can offer. This series is designed to touch and nourish the hearts of all faith levels as our top speakers, along with special guest speakers, help you enhance your understanding of God’s plan for your life, your marriage, your children, and your character, while gaining valuable support and guidance needed by all Christians. Nurture your soul, strengthen your faith, and find answers on the go or quietly at home with the AGO series.

AGO subscribers will receive 1 CD and a book each month.

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Freedom must be diligently fought for if it is to be preserved. Every nation and generation needs people who are willing to take a stand for freedom. Are you one of those brave leaders who will stand up and answer the call? If you are a freedom-loving citizen who wants to gain an even greater understanding of the significance and power of freedom, stay informed about the issues that affect your freedom, and find out more about what you can do to reverse any decline and lead the world toward greater liberty, the LIFE Freedom Series is just what you need. 
For only $10 per month, subscribers will receive a monthly audio of an inspiring, information-packed talk on vital freedom topics. Make freedom a priority and subscribe today!
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Rascal Radio

Rascal Radio

Rascal Radio by LIFE Leadership is the world’s first online personal development radio service. Rascal Radio is centered on LIFE’s 8 Fs, Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friends and Fun. Subscribers have unlimited access to hundreds and hundreds of audio recordings that they can stream endlessly from both the LIFE Leadership website and the LIFE Leadership Smartphone App.
Rascal Radio features New York Times 
                                                                                         bestselling authors Orrin Woodward and
Chris Brady and other internationally recognized leadership experts including Tim Marks and Claude Hamilton.
Listen to one of the preset stations for each of the LIFE’s 8 Fs or customize your own based on speaker and or subject. Of course, you can easily skip tracks or “like” as many as you want. If you are listening from the website you can purchase any one of these incredible audios.
Subscribe monthly for just $49.95 and let Rascal Radio provide you with life-changing information to help you live the life you’ve always wanted!

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Subscribe to Master
Even More Principles
of Financial Fitness
and Discover the
Meaning of Money.
$10 per month plus S&H

Don’t miss your chance to make a difference!

$40.00 per month
I didn't realize how much I had to learn about life, business, and success until I attended my first LIFE event. All I can say is wow! - Mark Paul, Automotive Engineer
There is simply no way to put into words how valuable these events are for someone wanting real, lasting success. - Michelle Mielke, Physician

Watch, Listen, Learn, & Grow!
$40.00 per month
The LIFE Library is your round-the-clock resource for LIFE's latest and greatest content in either video or audio format - and you never have to be quiet in this library!
We designed this product to serve your unique interests with ease and included the ability to filter by format, speaker, or subject matter so you can quickly find exactly what you want. You can also create a personalized favorites folder for quick content retrieval and read and submit your own reviews.

The 3 for Free Program is an exciting incentive designed around LIFE Leadership's distinct subscription products. They are:
  • The LIFE Series – dedicated to helping people in each of the 8 F categories - Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness, Following, Freedom, Friendship, and Fun. 4 CDs and a book shipped each month.
  • The LLR (Launching a Leadership Revolution) Series – dedicated to helping people grow in their leadership ability. 4 CDs and a book shipped each month.
  • The AGO (All Grace Outreach) Series – dedicated to helping people grow spiritually. 1 CD and a book shipped each month.
  • The Edge Series – designed to help our youth get the start that all adults wish they had. 1 CD a month.
  • The Freedom Series - designed to inform you on the issues that affect your freedom. 1 CD a month.
  • The Financial Fitness Series - designed to increase your understanding of the principles behind the Offense, Defense and Playing Field of personal finance. 1 CD a month during the 12 month program.
  • Rascal Radio - The world's first online personal development radio station. Also includes a Smartphone App.
LIFE Leadership subscription products are designed to bring an ongoing supply of timeless truth, which is a key component in bringing lasting personal change and growth.

Who is eligible?

In order to participate in this program, you must first become a Registered Customer. To become a Registered Customer please click here. Your next step is to become a subscriber to at least one of the subscription products described above.
Subscription forms, enrollment details and access to brochures regarding the program are found on the private side of the website after you become a Registered Customer.

What is the incentive?

By enrolling at least 3 subscription customers you will receive a credit that is applied to your subscription bill up to the full value of your subscription excluding tax, shipping and handling.