LIFE Training!

What is LIFE Training?

LIFE Training is a company that provides leadership development services and business-specific training environments. LIFE Training is also a group of independent community building business owners who choose to work together to create a culture of inspiration, training, and leadership.

What is our motto?

Our motto is: “Have Fun, Make Money, Make a Difference.”

What is the The LIFE Training’s vision?

LIFE Training has a vision of reaching 1 million people with its positive training and life transforming information made available through the LIFE business.

How does a person become part of the LIFE Training?

Any person who utilizes these training materials and buys into the culture of business leadership training available therein is loosely considered to be part of LIFE Training. Typically, a person is introduced through members of his or her business support team.

What type of materials and training does LIFE Training offer?

Numerous training environments are available. All of them are optional based upon one’s desire, drive, and dreams. The items available include but aren’t necessarily limited to the following:

  1. Electronic Business Center (EBC) – The EBC consists of training videos, “LIFE Line” communication service, a personal homepage website (PHPs), an exclusive blog, personal development articles, a media library, and individualized group data.
  2. CDs of the Month – LIFE Training offers 8 training CDs per month, containing both fundamentals and specifics.
  3. Leadership (Major) Conventions – The Leadership Conventions are the culmination of months’ worth of business building experience into one action-packed event. They consist of advanced leadership development, high-level business development training, top achievement recognition, and new product and training announcements and roll-outs. When a person buys a $185.00 ticket for a Leadership Convention, he or she also qualifies for all “Ticket Holder” events at the end of each monthly LIFE Live event. In this way, there are as many as three additional free meetings made available to the Ticket Holder participant.

Do some people make money on the sale of these leadership materials?

Yes, based upon the amount of total profits (if any) left over at the end of each month. Those who participate at this level are called Directors. LIFE Training invites certain individuals to become Directors from a pool of business builders who have proven their ability to build and lead successful teams of people. Directors must exhibit high character, integrity, professionalism, teamwork, people skills, consistency, and the ability to help the other Directors run and manage the training environment.

How did LIFE Training get its start, and why? And how do those economics work today?

When Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady began their business careers they unknowingly joined an organization in which profits were weighted towards those who “got there first.” They didn’t like this situation and vowed to fix it. As a result, in 1999 they formed LIFE Training, with the goal of developing the fairest, most equitable plan to share 100% of the profits remaining each month. This, in fact, caused many rival organizations to attack them as they made an issue of, made public, and sought to end the unfair distribution of profit from training materials.
No one, not Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, nor any of the other Policy Council leaders makes any money from ownership. Nor do they receive consideration for any travel related (or otherwise) expenses necessary for their responsibilities therein. All profits (revenue minus expenses) are pooled at the end of each month and disbursed based upon each Director’s performance. In other words, any character-based leader can build an organization bigger than the founders on a per-organization basis and make more money than anyone else.

What if someone who was previously invited to become a Director doesn’t maintain the standards of character and ethics requisite to that honor?

LIFE Training is a “grace” organization, seeking to restore people in a spirit of love and understanding. However, if someone continues to violate the core principles of character, integrity, and conflict resolution, then he or she will not be invited to continue as a Director. Until he or she address the character-based issues, it is simply too dangerous to the rest of the community.

Has anyone ever been dis-invited as a Director?

Yes. However, and thankfully, there have been less than five instances out of nearly five hundred Directors over the course of twelve years in which character issues have not been resolved. LIFE Training wins when others win, so the goal is always to restore relationships where possible. With that said, however, no one will be allowed to exploit others for their personal gain within the LIFE Training community. Anytime lack of character is displayed, the Policy Council will and must act out of duty to protect the entire community against destructive behavior.
There is also the condition wherein a Director stops leading his or her organization and thereby stops contributing to the work requisite to leading and managing productive teams. In these cases, character and ethics are not the problem but rather leadership and participation. In these situations, obviously, Directors are not invited to continue participating until their contribution becomes requisite with the position.

Does LIFE Training offer any guarantees?

Yes. LIFE Training is so sure of the effectiveness of its training materials that it guarantees them with a 100% refund policy in effect for thirty days after the time of purchase. If for any reason the purchaser is not satisfied, he or she may return them within that time for a full refund.
Thank you and God bless,