Friday, May 30, 2014

Great Leaders Don’t Always Start Out Looking Like Great Leaders

This amazing couple will be speaking at the LIFE Live seminar Saturday, June 07, 2014 at the
St. Charles Convention Center
One Convention Center Plaza
St. Charles , MO 63303
Success Talk Speaker: Dan & Lisa Hawkins
General Session Speaker: Dan & Lisa Hawkins

Dan & Lisa Hawkins will present the Success Talk, Teaching, Story and Next Step sessions. *Please remember, No Food or Beverage allowed in the facility. Seminar will be in the Junior Ballroom BCD

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Dan & Lisa Hawkins

 Orrin Woodward posted a great article the other day about Dan and Lisa Hawkins. Dan and Lisa are Policy Council members of TEAM and co-founders of the new LIFE business. Dan and Lisa have developed into an incredible couple and incredible leaders. Leadership guru, Orrin Woodward wrote this in his post about Dan and Lisa:

“…Dan and Lisa are not your typical mechanic or daycare provider.
What’s the difference?

It isn’t talent, as everyone has the talent to develop into a leader. It isn’t connections, as Dan and Lisa didn’t have any. In fact, Dan may be the shyest person I have ever personally witnessed build the business to the PC level. (He attended four phone calling sessions without calling anyone!)
Then how did they do it?

Simply put, courage. Dan and Lisa had the courage of their convictions to go against the grain, refusing to listen to the naysayers of life; instead, they chose to pursue their dreams. They disciplined themselves to read, listen, and apply the leadership training, falling in love with the learning process. Because of their courage, because they confronted every goliath in their path, the Hawkins are now TEAM PC members and LIFE Founders.”

Dan and Lisa have been friends and business associates of mine for the past 9 years and I have had the privilege of having a front row seat to watch their journey and development into great leaders. Their story of dream/struggle/victory provides a great opportunity to share a valuable lesson for anyone to have success in life.

When you look at the Dan & Lisa Hawkins of today, it’s easy to say, “Well of course they made it, look how great they are.” But the Dan & Lisa Hawkins I met 9 years ago were quite different. In fact, my thoughts back then were, “They’re never going to make it.” My reason for sharing this with you is not to de-edify or take anything away from Dan & Lisa, but rather to let you know that great leaders don’t always start out looking like great leaders. What I learned from watching their journey is this…great leaders of tomorrow start out looking like YOU today! Here are some characteristics they developed into habits into their life that made all the difference:

1) Dared to dream BIG – they got an “elephant-sized” dream and then kept that dream in front of them daily.

2) Selected a single source of information that provided them with true success principles and didn’t let any outside source contaminate their thinking (this is actually a topic for a separate blog article by itself).

3) Developed courage – when you know your right, it’s much easier to have courage and fight through the negative and critics (remember, critics don’t have courage).

4) Listened to CD’s and read books daily that taught them success principles.

5) Consistent and persistent action – they did what they know they needed to do on a daily basis regardless of whether they felt like doing it or not (this is an important point…great leaders do what needs to be done even when they don’t feel like doing it).

6) Humbled themselves to mentor on a regular basis.

So, if you want to see what a great leader of tomorrow looks like…go look in the mirror! Make sure you check out Orrin’s full article.

Your future is waiting…go get it!

God bless and have a wonderful day, Eric Blomdahl