Friday, February 21, 2014

Learning is Painful to the Pride

This is an old post from Life member Steve Morgan I thought you all would enjoy.

In my opinion Steve is one of the greatest and youngest leaders on the team. He has been job optional since the age of 23.

God bless, Scott Johnson

We have the pleasure of working with the #7 Orrin Woodward & #12 Chris Brady, Leadership Guru’s in the world.  I would say that the journey has been amazing.
Why did I pick this title?  Because when you decide to start learning from others that have more results in certain areas than you do, you put yourself in a position to feel uncomfortable about needing to change.  Over the years I think the word CHANGE is the killer of what could have been in many peoples lives.  I, like many, don’t like change that much either. Change is the factor that can make everything different in someones life.

For example, if you read a: marriage, leadership, faith, or people skills book, you will hit some point in the book where it will (or should) make you look internally and say “man I’m not very good at that.”  That is a very hard comment to say, we all want to think we are great at everything.

For me personally, I have had to change a bunch, and still need to change more in my life.  The thing about change is that when you get better and look back at the old you, your glad you got better.

In the book Resolved, by Orrin Woodward, he has many great chapters in the book that I like.  The chapter that I wanted to talk about in this post, chapter 4, Programing Elephant.  Over the years I have been intimidated many times by people that dressed nice and smelled nice, but had stinking thinking.  By reading this chapter you will find that he says “By identifying what a person is feeding his elephant, one can accurately predict his future.”  That’s a powerful statement.  Most people let others feed their elephant and end up where someone else wanted them to.  I say, take the responsibility of feeding your subconscious (elephant) and end up in life where you wanted to.

Leave a comment of the most impactful book you have read.  I would love to hear the titles.

I heard Orrin Woodward say “its not about being perfect, its about striving for perfection that leads to greatness.”

Here’s to Learning- Cheers

Steve Morgan