Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Originally posted by Life Founder George Guzzardo.

God bless, Scott Johnson

Have you ever heard people use their circumstances as the reason for not achieving their goal?  They use the phrase “Under my circumstances.”  I ask, ”What are they doing under there?”  Just how did they make the decisions that got them their circumstances? The results we have in life are directly related to the information that we use.  If you have some results you want to change, then it’s time to change the information.  One of the many definitions of leadership is planned conflict against the status quo. A leader does not accept a problem in their life as a circumstance. They don’t accept average if good is available or good if great is available whether it’s in their personal life or the world they live in. LIFE Leadership provides what many are finding is the highest quality of leadership information for the best possible cost.  We are seeing so many people get different results because they have changed the source of information. Just check the testimony box on the LIFE Leadership home page for great comments and perspectives about how leadership has made a difference.

We’ve all heard about people who set resolutions or goals at the turn of the New Year although it appears that the majority doesn’t follow through on their commitment. Achieving a great year requires new habits, focus, and persistence. That’s how you get different results by this time next year.  But you must begin your journey to a great year by having a great month. Here is why leadership is the difference maker. As you begin the process of changing your habits you begin the process of forging your character. Application or action also develops the plan, do, check, and adjust process that develops competency from learning through new experience. You now possess the main ingredients of leadership, vision with a goal, a character others can trust and competency that proves you can do the job. This same formula can be applied whether you are improving your marriage, finances, fitness, or business.

Why do many of us procrastinate or fail to follow through with a commitment? It’s called a comfort zone. Leaders move out of their comfort zone when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Also when a leader begins to own their own compelling vision of the end result, they become passionate with a purpose. Unfortunately most won’t make the time to break out of their procrastination. Most people I have met are so busy making money that they never uncover a true passion for life.

Leadership is about making a difference, first in our own lives by developing qualities necessary to change our status quo. As people begin to see improvements in finances, relationships, fitness, or their business, something happens. A leader’s influence begins to increase based on the changes in their own character. They begin to make a difference in other peoples lives because they gain credibility and earn trust with others. Because of the decisions to change our lives, we start to influence others. Others see the leader change and then they develop the belief that the change they seek is possible.

Take out a piece of paper and on the upper left, list the most important thing in your life. Next, list the second, third, fourth, and fifth most important things in your life. Now, divide the paper down the middle. On the right side under number one list what takes the most percentage of time in your life. Next, list the next most time demanding activity all the way to five. Most people find that they spend at least eight hours on the job accounting for 1/3 of their day. We typically sleep for about six to eight hours accounting for the other 1/3 of their day. That leaves eight hours for driving the kids to activities and cooking and cleaning. The remainder few hours spent is quality time we spend with our loved ones or our most important priorities in our life. What people are finding is that by applying new information they can line their priorities up in the same order to match their activities. They can become fulfilled.

This is where LIFE Leadership comes in with a systematic approach to leadership development. One of the most successful business concepts in the 21st century is a franchising format or a turn – key approach model. This is where a proven system has been tested and marketed. This happens to be why LIFE Leadership is growing like it is. People don’t have to find a new formula when they have a situation in their life they want change. They can simply have access to a proven system with new information. Best selling authors like Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have taken their genius from the automotive industry into the leadership industry. They have developed a model we can use not only to make a greater difference in our lives but others. There are those who develop a passionate purpose because of their vision of making a difference in the other people’s lives or even the world. They see how they can make a greater difference by developing a leadership community.

It all starts when we want to make a difference in our lives. Each one of us can visualize something we can change to make our lives better. That’s when we begin to focus. Soon we realize how our influence from changing and making a difference in our own life is on others. There is a special satisfaction knowing you’ve helped others. When others align their priorities they can have more fulfillment that comes from making a difference in their lives. The average person does not lead a fulfilling life. In fact several studies showed that the average person is unhappy with their job either with the money they make or the task they do. New information that is applied can and does change results. What if leadership could make the difference? That is why more and more people are discovering the industry of the future. God Bless, George Guzzardo