Friday, January 3, 2014

We are truly blessed

Originally posted by LIFE Policy Council Member Wayne MacNamara.

Wayne is a terrific guy who truly has gone from average to accomplishing some amazing achievements in a short amount of time. It's hard to imagine someone going from being a welder in a factory to being out of a job and debt free and making more money than he could have ever thought was possible in just a few short years.

This is what the LIFE Business is all about. Helping others succeed beyond there wildest dreams.
I hope this story will inspire you!

God bless, Scott Johnson

When you wake up everyday and realize you are financially free because of the information provided through the LIFE business, you feel so grateful and thankful that leaders such as Claude Hamilton had the heart, vision, work ethic to believe in people like myself that maybe didn't have the fastest start in community building.
My good friend Orrin Woodward posted an awesome blog today about absent fathers, WOW ! These statistics that Dan Hawkins shared in his video made me think about how incredible my dad was to me. I want everyone to know that my dad made a few mistakes but I never remember a time I couldn't talk to him about anything growing up and the greatest lesson he was teaching me all along was to love your wife unconditionally. My parents are married over 35 years and they are best friends today.
My wife and I just recently shared a emotional victory ( achieving PC ) in our LIFE business with my parents and family in attendance at the LIFE Major convention in Ottawa, Canada. This weekend was a little bit over whelming to say the least for my parents, they were so blown away with all the great people that make up our LIFE community. My Dad wrote me a letter that he stuck inside my book at major and I found it when I got home.
The letter reads,
*** my super star son***
To my loving son,
This night was the most amazing time of my life, knowing that my son was going to be a dad and that also was the night you were welcomed into the PC. I was bursting with pride and so honored to be your dad looking forward to the rest of our lives together with our blessed grand babies (twins – my dad always said Ray n I would have twins, we do not think we have twins this time. Rays says PHEW!!!! ) Your mother and I will cherish this night forever. Your Grand parents would be so excited about this news, when I go home I will visit their grave sights and ask them to look over you and Raylene and your babies. Wayne I can see that Claude, Lana and your best friends have big hearts and a soft touch which makes you want to be around them. As your father I am excited also that you have Claude as another father figure that loves you and has your back at all times. He is a great man and is responsible for a lot of your success in life. You are amazing, and I raised you for 19 years as my son but Claude has developed you into the man you've become.
Thanks Claude and Lana
love always,God Bless
***my star***
As you click on Dan’s name here please watch this great video by Dan Hawkins, think about the kind of dad you are today, think about the enormous responsibility we men have when it comes to raising not just happy kids but productive and responsible adults. Change in our lives will happen but will you pursue excellence, will you continue to grow and become better ?
Have a awesome day,