Friday, January 10, 2014

Life Leadership Scam….are you nuts?

Originally posted by Life Member Kirk Birtles.
God bless, Scott Johnson

It is so exciting to be entering into 2014 with Life Leadership running on all cylinders! I've heard from a few mis-informed people lately that Life Leadership sounds like a Life Leadership scam?  My typical response is, ‘Are you nuts!’ We are two years into this grand venture, and it already feels like we are on the 20 yard line with our directional innovation!  We are in the red-zone my friends, with an endless number of downs, an all-pro line-up, and Orrin Woodward is the quarterback!!  Can you say hut 1, hut 2….TOUCHDOWN!!!
There are so many things to be excited about, I mean jacked out of your mind about, with LIFE Leadership taking 2014 by storm!  Here is a short list just off the top of my head -
1) Leaders worth following – As John Maxwell likes to say, ‘Everything rises and falls on leadership’.  LIFE Leadership has more character-based, courageous, purpose-filled, talented, genius, tenacious, hungry, service-oriented, God fearing leaders than any other organization, corporation, government, team, or community on the planet.  I have had a front row seat for over a decade to watch this epic story unfold, which is the life of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the other founders of LIFE.  They are not perfect, but I have seen them tried by fire again and again, during good times, bad times and ugly times, and in each and every situation their foundation of character, courage and purpose have always risen to the occasion!  I like to compare them to that old SCI FI movie ‘The Blob’.  It doesn’t matter what hits them, they always come out stronger and better every time!  All kidding aside, they are real men and women of character who I would trust with my money, my family and my future.  How many people could say that with peace in their heart about their boss, partner, CEO, president, or even pastor?  They are leaders worth following, they are a force for good, and these are not statements I throw around lightly!
2) Big MONEY – there are a lot of advantages to having information as your product, one of which is the potential for a massive profit margin!  Bill Gates became one of the richest people in the world selling us information that makes our computers run better.  We sell information that makes YOU run better…your thinking, your attitude, your self-esteem, your marriage, your children, your career, your bank account, etc…  When information is your product, it hardly costs anything to mass produce it!  The manufacturing cost for a download, a phone app, a CD, a DVD, or even a book is literally pennies on the dollar, especially when you don’t spend any money on the middlemen (wholesalers, retailers, stores, advertising, etc…).  The price for our LIFE-changing information was willingly paid in full by the leaders who delivered the information.  It was paid by the great demands they put on themselves day after day and week after week for decades prior to giving that talk or writing the book.
Its the best of both worlds; we have a product that has an extremely low manufacturing cost, but at the same time it can not be duplicated or copied by another company.  Where else are you going to find a community of front-line leaders who are willing to pay the price of blood, sweat and tears for decades to become the leaders worthy and qualified to give those talks and write those books.  As Chris Brady says, ‘You can’t commoditize community’.  We are one of a kind!  This and many other reasons allows LIFE Leadership to continually pour more and more money into their industry leading compensation plan!  It’s pretty amazing when a company that already pays back 70+%, after only 2 years, decides to throw in $350,000 more dollars into the One Time Cash Awards for 2014!  Are you stinking kidding me?!
And Just think about it, as technology continually improves over the next several years, it will just make the transfer and delivery of our LIFE-changing product cheaper, easier and more user friendly for everyone all over the globe!  For example, there is a day coming soon when you will be at work listening to Rascal Radio and your co-worker will be complaining about how financial stress is killing him and you will be able to push a button on your watch communicator and it will transfer a world-class LIFE Leadership financial talk to your friends glasses communicator that he can listen to and watch in 3D.  Just think about it, you’ve got to be pumped when your product is LIFE-changing information!
3) Free Enterprise at its best! – One of the biggest things that Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Bill Lewis and the other founders of LIFE fell in love with years ago when they joined a struggling home-based business was the idea of free enterprise.  The idea of a fair business model that is all about win/win competition and purely pay by performance.  A model that recognizes and pays the right behaviors and habits that truly ‘stimulate’ our economy.  The idea that your financial destiny is in your own hands.  The founders of LIFE and many other top leaders in the world believe that one of the only things that can save America, Canada, and the free world for that matter, is a community of entrepreneurs pouring their heart and soul into making their business as successful as possible.  LIFE Leadership, in my opinion, offers hungry and aspiring entrepreneurs, who want a change in their life, the purest form of a free enterprise business available anywhere.
4) Become ‘all you can be’ – this has historically been a military slogan, but I don’t believe it.  No offense to any person who has courageously served their country in any branch of the military, but I don’t believe that the US armed forces is the place for you if you are looking to become ‘all you can be’.  If you really want to become the best you can possibly be, then I whole-heartedly recommend you get launched with LIFE Leadership.  You just can’t beat the power of a supportive community that promotes a self-directed education and lifts up listening, reading and associating .  You just can’t beat a community that highlights and lifts-up achievements, but at the same time accepts you right where you are at.  You just can’t beat a community that messages and models leadership principles such as; character counts, service before self, failure is not fatal, win-win or no deal, excellence lies on the other side of inconvenience, etc…  You can’t beat a community that understands that God is on the throne, and ultimately is looking to do His will.
If you dare to want to become the the best you can be…..Welcome to LIFE Leadership!  
God bless, Kirk Birtles