Thursday, December 26, 2013


Originally posted by Life Founder George Guzzardo.

God Bless, Scott Johnson

It’s that easy to get caught up in the news of the day. Most of us try and get at least an update of the current issues of the day. People tend to turn on the channel or search the internet for their favorite sources of news and information. Most of us have a habit of finding the sources of information that best compliment our own point of view. There are right or left leaning sources. We grow up with the concept of republican, democrat, conservative, or liberal. But, have you ever stopped to think, “What if it was all the same?”
All studies of propaganda show that the most favorable way to seize people’s opinion is by mass media. What if the news that is always on actually said the same thing while we thought they were bringing a variety of opinions? For example what if the press, the radio, the T.V., the internet or schools constantly talked about one common issue and it happened over and over and over for the last hundred or so years? It would be that easy to influence our thinking that the government knows what’s best for our lives? We could actually grow to believe that it is the government that has all the answers about how we should live. We could be taught to believe it. However, this is not the way it has always been. Once an educated and informed community influenced government and gave them privileges and power to make decisions on the economy, education, and health care because in that model people became informed based on their involvement and experience at a community level. Trial and error on a small scale from a plan, do, check, adjust model worked in the past. In that model the ideas that worked the best would lead to more prosperity, literacy, security and better health care. People measured success because they tried their ideas on a small scale by entrepreneurs who led with innovation. Their ideas could never get passed on from the local scale if their ideas did not work. Small thriving communities with the most prosperity in all the important issues could be discovered and learned by other communities and they would implement them. This is actually how the municipalities across America were formed. Unfortunately, over time the population got less involved and gave up decision making over to the central government. This process is described in detail by best selling authors Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille in their book Leadershift.
As a result, the 5 Laws of Decline, like Gresham’s Law and the Law of Diminishing Returns are now in full effect. This is where bureaucracies develop corrupt or incompetent behavior and drive out the good. These Laws take hold. We can see the scoreboard as an objective measurement. It doesn’t lie. Studies show 80% of Americans do not have their dream jobs. Student’s are graduating with massive debt and are having difficulty finding jobs in their chosen areas of study. Marriage success is at an all time low. Literacy studies are showing millions who either don’t read or would have difficulty reading a children’s coloring book. We watch government dysfunction and corruption.  The stock market climbs as the FED prepares for the next bubble. If that wasn’t enough we have now turned over our health care to the bureaucracy even though they tend to be incompetent. It’s that easy.  We have let credentials, entitlements, and peer pressure influence our decisions. Benjamin Constant said in France in 1793, “The entire nation was a vast propaganda operation.”  Jocques Ellul wrote, “For propaganda to work it penetrates ideology by means of sociological context. Ideology is disseminated for the purpose of making political acts acceptable to the people.” Napolean said, “Power is based on opinion. What is government not supported by opinion? Nothing.”
I wonder why there is a prevalent feeling of complacency or hopelessness throughout the land?  I’m not a pessimist but I’ve learned from the LIFE Leadership products that it’s difficult to move forward if you don’t have a scoreboard.  This is where leadership comes in as the industry of the future. Leaders don’t want to succumb to the status quo. They want to win. They want to move forward. Without understanding our reality it’s difficult to develop a game plan. First, these types of situations are not uncommon in history. Although socialism has never worked throughout history, we are told that in modern times the socialists now have the ideas to fix it. That is not true. Whenever civilizations through history pulled out of a decline or a tailspin it was always when personal leadership took hold. That means that you and I can’t pass on responsibility to a bureaucracy to fix our problems. Throughout all of history, personal responsibility and leadership made the difference. Even in modern times Jim Collins in his book Good to Great describes the point where a company began to grow at the point when leadership took hold. Today, we have the opportunity to develop leadership as an industry. Each of us becomes the company for our own lives. This IS one concept that has never been tried. It can happen with a systematic development of leaders. This begins first when people are willing to accept that it’s up to them to make things better starting with their own lives. It then follows where each one of us can bring our special talents together and work not independently but interdependently. The future cannot be business as usual. One person cannot make the difference but many people working toward personal development and leadership can make a difference in a small group or community.
A big step to take is to start by prioritizing what it is you do want for your life or your world. If you could design your future what would it look like? Now align yourself with others who have a similar set of values. You’ll find that one area to master is the ability to filter out the noise (propaganda). Stop letting in unwanted media. Prioritize your time. Stop letting diversions, excuses or peer pressure influence your actions. After you begin to filter out the noise start filling the gap with short segments of reading, listening, and associating with others who are taking the time to dream of a better future and are tired of letting others decide what it will be. What is your dream worth? What is your freedom worth? What is the next generation worth? William James said, “The best way to use one’s life is to spend it for something that will outlive it.” It’s that easy to understand that life’s value is not its duration but its donation.  

God Bless, George Guzzardo