Friday, November 8, 2013

LIFE Lessons – Purpose vs Pension

This is another post made by Wayne MacNamara who I believe to be one of the best at teaching life principles when it comes to personal development.

Thank you, Scott Johnson

With the TEAM training system and co-founders Orrin Woodward and Claude Hamilton, of LIFE I have learned many life lessons – one in particular is striving for a Purpose and not a Pension.
Have you ever heard, “When you find what you love to do you will never feel like your working?”
Well as a factory worker, welding day in and day out, it wasn’t the most exciting and passionate career path for me. I tolerated it because it paid me, but as Claude says, “You can’t change what you can tolerate.”
I will never forget the day I read my first personal-development book, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, Ph. D. My mind literally exploded with thoughts of what if’s? And why not’s?  My heart beat was just a little faster, a perk in my step, and I just couldn’t stop talking about the possibilities of one day.
Through this industry, I was introduced to my life coach Claude Hamilton, and what he has brought into my life is a living example of a man chasing down his passion everyday. He has always shown me through his actions that L E A D are the most important letters in LEADERSHIP.
What I experienced working in a welding factory, is so many people are just clocking in and living day by day – the most popular saying was “another day another dollar”. Fridays created an excitement through the plant because everyone was paid Thursday night and they had the weekend off. People would spend more time planning their next 1 -2 week vacations then they did their financial future. Living on Purpose creates the Friday at work feeling everyday! You wake up invigorated to move forward in the direction of your purpose. When you know where you’re going in life all decisions become easier. The saddest part of watching someone just badge in and badge out – waiting for their 30 years and out to retire, is knowing that some of these people never make it to 30 years.
They were put on this earth for a reason and with a time line. This is why I feel so strongly about the LIFE business, it equips people with the courage to start dreaming again, and it helps them seek answers to questions that are deeper than a paycheck.
Somebody should tell us right at the start of our lives that we are dying then we might live life to the limit, every minute of everyday. There are only so many tomorrows – Michael Landon
Because of a small act of courage to read my first personal development book, my mind has shifted from chasing a pension to pursuing my passion. Claude would say to me, “The weak become strong in the presence of the bold.”
Seek out and associate with people who are living their life on Purpose, personal development is not a part-time hobby it’s a life time commitment. The ripple effect that is created from a life that is lived on purpose is exponential. I encourage you to start your journey “leave this life on a purpose not just a pension.
Thank you Claude Hamilton and Orrin Woodward for living your lives on Purpose and making a difference in so many people’s lives.
God Bless,