Friday, November 1, 2013

Build Credibility Through the 6 A’s

Posted by - Policy Council Member of Team and LIFE Founder Dan Hawkins.

Hope you enjoy.
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LIFE Leadership is about leaders taking responsibility

LIFE Leadership founder Bill Lewis recently gave a very insightful talk on the 6 A’s. Bill is one of the top teachers in the leadership field today and does an amazing job walking through the mindset of truly being a leader with the “buck stops here” mentality. Anything you pursue, that has meaning, includes people and people will only follow you is they can trust you. Credibility matters in everything we do. Credibility is a key foundation in any relationship, whether professional or personal. There cannot be any trust without credibility. In this video, LIFE Founder Bill Lewis discusses how we can build our credibility through the 6 A’s. By following these six simple steps we can begin to build our credibility with those around us and strengthen relationships, as well as build new ones.
I hope you enjoy the video and use it to improve yourself today!
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