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Young People doing BIG things

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In this day and age, you need to be willing to go for it with an idea you believe in.  We live in times where people are turning back to entrepreneurship as a better way of life.  I wanted to highlight a young lady that is doing just that.  Alexa Bach is an ambitious young lady that is not only creating, but giving young people hope to go out and do something big.
She has had a few really cool press releases done about her new app/company.  As any sibling would be for another, I am super proud of what my younger sister is doing.  It takes guts to take a risk and create something. Here are a couple of the write ups she has had so far.
Traverse City Business News
Recent college graduate Alexa Bach of Kingsley has created a new App for keeping track of your schedule: Schedg-It. The scheduling system allows service professionals to enter appointments and then immediately send reminder alerts to clients via the application, text message or email. its ultimate purpose is to link service providers and clients in a way that reduces missed appointments. it is able to sync with other personal calendars on the client’s mobile device, eliminating double-booking and improving efficiency.
Service providers pay a small fee to use the technology, but the service is free for consumers.
Bach says guiding the business from the initial idea through the final launch was excellent hands-on experience. “This is classic application of everything I have learned from my business degree,” says Bach. “Including getting my brother to provide financial backing before he went into the Air Force.”
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Alexa Bach has created an App that may transform the way appointments are scheduled. Schedg-It was created out of necessity after she missed a dentist appointment because of a misplaced reminder card. Bach’s business degree enabled her to manage everything from inception to launch. Office employees simply add a client’s appointment to the software. It is sent and stored in the client’s Schedg-It App. The App can sync with other calendars on the client’s mobile device, eliminating double-booking and improving efficiency.
Way to Go Alexa!! We are super proud of all that she has done so far and is getting ready to do in the near future with her new and rising company.
If you or anyone you know is in the business of using appointments on a daily basis, this could be the solution to their constant missed or no-show appointments.
You can check it out at:
Leave some comments of encouragement for Alexa. I’m sure she would appreciate them.
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Alexa Bach says:
HI Everyone! Thank you for reading this blog! I am the entrepreneur of Schedg-It and would like to explain a little bit about this cool app and reminder system. For starters, it is a two-fold system, meaning that 1. service professionals that choose to use the Schedg-It reminder system can remind clients of upcoming appointments and events. 2. clients can download the FREE Schedg-It app at the Google Play Store or App Store to receive the appointment reminders at NO COST. If someone does not have a smart phone, then they will still be able to receive the reminder through a text message (Messaging rates apply).
This is the newest way to stay reminded of upcoming appointments! It is a few steps above entering in your own appointment/event into your personal calendar or setting a reminder because with Schedg-It, clients will receive up to 3 reminders before the appointment. Also, they have the ability to confirm, cancel/reschedule the appointment with a tap of the button on the app. Not only that, but Schedg-It syncs with your personal phone calendar so all of your appointments will be in your personal calendar as well, AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER THEM!!!
This allows the service provider to keep their clients reminded of upcoming appointments and it also makes them responsible for entering in the appointment and sending it to you. Its so simple, easy to use and affordable. Tell everyone you know about this new system because its revolutionary!
Download the app today and tell your service provider to remind you with Schedg-It :)
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