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Six Duties of Society Equals Justice

This article was Posted by Orrin Woodward on October 12, 2013

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The Six Duties of Society (SDS) equals justice for mankind while the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) equals injustice for mankind. The key then, is to ensure political leaders learn from history and not attempt to exploit society which only leads to increased FLD and societal failure. LIFE Leadership applies the same principles of enhancing the SDS while eliminating the FLD in order to build for the longterm. LeaderShiftauthored byOliver DeMille and me, describes some of the principles involved. The remaining principles will be described in my next book And Justice for All: America’s Quest for Concord. Here is a portion from the introduction of the historical case-studies.
China's Tank Man
China’s Tank Man
Now that the Six Duties of Society (SDS) and the Five Laws of Decline (FLD) have been described separately and how they interact systematically with one another, it is now time to evaluate how these two systems led to the “rise and fall” of the six selected case-studies. Although any Western society could have been chosen to display “rise and fall” condition caused by the SDS and FLD, the author specifically chose the three classic ancient societies (Greek city-states, Roman Republic, and Roman Empire) to compare with America’s three modern societal experiences (Colonial America, Pre-Civil War Constitution, and Post-Civil War Constitution). For the remarkable correlation between the ancient and modern historical failures isn’t coincidental since human nature responds to the systematic stimulus of the SDS and FLD in foreseeable ways. Furthermore, society’s members consistent responses (both ancient and modern) indicate that, at its core, human nature has not changed. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that people in all ages have reacted positively to the blessings of the SDS and negatively to the curse of the FLD. Indeed, the challenge for today’s political leaders is to anticipate the response of society’s members to their proposed policies, specifically, how it affects the SDS and FLD. Hence, the case-studies are designed to help today’s political leaders learn from past experience, rather than their own. For on one hand, if American leaders continue on the current path, repeating similar FLD errors of the ancients, America will fall from its adverse effects. On the other hand, if today’s leaders will master these concepts, enhancing the SDS while checking the FLD, America can experience a rebirth of liberty, justice, and prosperity unparalleled in the annals of history, restoring the light to America’s city on the hill for the oppressed in all nations.
Moreover, since knowledge is cumulative and each society learned from the previous one, the case-studies will be evaluated in chronological order. Each example will be studied through its rise and fall cycle to determine how it satisfied the SDS and when the FLD were engaged leading to its decline. For just as a structure built upon sinkholes will eventually collapse, common sense teaches us not to rebuild further structures upon the faulty foundation. This, in reality, is the purpose of historical case-studies, namely, to determine the failure modes of previous societies so they are not repeated. Ideally, today leaders need to identify the trustworthy for the untrustworthy aspects of previous foundations to keep the good and revise the bad. Encouragingly, history is an unsentimental revealer of both the good and bad parts of a society’s foundation. For the parts built upon valid principles will withstand the test of time while the invalid aspects will collapse upon its own illogical design. Nonetheless, studying history, without understanding the systematic nature within the SDS and FLD, will lead to misleading conclusions and the proper lessons will remain unlearned and unapplied. For just as one of the definitions of insanity is to continue to do the same thing while expecting a different result, most of the moderns interpretation of historical examples has been insane, merely repeating the systematic failures that caused the failure of its predecessors.