Monday, October 7, 2013

Do you design your life or make it fit?

Hi everyone this is an article I wanted to share with you that LIFE Founder Dan Hawkins shared on his blog

I hope you read this article and find your purpose in life. Do you live a life by design or are you just trying to make it fit?

Thank you, Scott Johnson

LIFE Leadership is about designing your LIFE

Hey everybody today I wanted to share an article by a great friend and business partner George Guzzardo. I was blessed tolive on purpose go on speaking tour with George last week across Minnesota and Wisconsin.  As George shared the topics in this article to live groups the truth resonated through out the room. Watching the groups silenced in thought, asking the question internally; am I living my life on purpose?
Do you live a life by design or are you just trying to make it fit?  I hope this article produces a deep internal discussion and you find your purpose in LIFE!
God bless,


I recently read a story about some Japanese engineers traveling to an American automotive plant to make observations and share knowledge. At the end of the assembly line they were amused to see a man with a rubber mallet tapping on the doors of the car as the car came off the assembly line. This made the Japanese engineers curious about this position since they did not have someone who tapped the doors at the end of their assembly lines. When the American engineers were asked about it they were surprised that the Japanese engineers did not perform such a task as this insured a snug fitting door. When asked why they did not have someone perform this function, one of the Japanese engineers spoke up and said, “We design the doors to fit.”
Why do we do what we do? So many of us find our circumstances are a result of a decision we made a long time ago. There is a great CD found in the LIFE Leadershipsubscription by Chris Brady called ‘Life is a Layer Cake’ that describes the process of finding our purpose versus making a living. Does what we do match up with the results we are looking for in life? For example, one goal might be to bring a spouse home from work to raise the children. If you were to add an extra $4,000 a month in additional income, that might be what it takes to design that result. Another goal is if we wanted to improve our parenting skills. From there we would start a systematic program of information like the LIFE Leadership subscriptions and library.  We should know that we can learn from someone who has already done something we are trying to do? Successful companies are adept at helping people think about why they are doing what they do. Many people are starting to be concerned about what it costs to maintain their lifestyle and the fact that they are sacrificing quality relationships with their spouse or kids. Does this have to be the case? A big part of leadership is problem solving. This is where the LIFE Leadership 8 F’s come in.
I read one study that 80% of American’s don’t have their dream job. When I speak to people across the country I find that only about 10% of the people are living their purpose. Those types of people get excited about the LIFE Leadership products because they use them to multiply and enhance their performance in their field. The other 90% of the people I speak to however are still looking for a solution to a problem or a situation. Many are still looking for their purpose. Look around you and you will find those who have given up hope and are just living out their lives. They compare themselves with so many others who are living a complacent life. This does not have to be the norm. The indicators of people living their lives without a design are striking when one examines the percent of successful marriages, business failures, illiteracy, and government efficiency and corruption.  When people are complacent and dependent we would expect that to be the case. These indicators are evidence of a decline caused from poor design. This is the case when the state designs us. If we worked up to our full potential, I think we would all agree that we would accomplish so much more. That is why I love the LIFE Leadership major conventions. That is where the information will be for those who want to design a different result. We already know what happens when we get the wrong information so let’s not ignore new information. They say a picture is worth a thousand words but an experience is worth a thousand pictures. The experience of the LIFE Leadership conventions will be the experience needed to help you in your design.
We are in the information age now. We are being influenced from those who control the information all the way from the biased media and news to the government run bureaucracies, to the school systems and Hollywood. That information got us to the results we have and has influenced our decisions to get us where we are. With the current results one should question what sources of information that are prevailing in society.  A huge part of designing our future is the ability to discern and filter out the wrong information.  As Matt Mielke said in a recent CD, “training is not education.”  Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille in their best seller Leadershift wrote about a credential based society.  People don’t want problems they want solutions. With all the noise out there from the technology – based dissemination of information, it’s almost impossible to find out where to turn for real answers.
I believe that the biggest incomes and companies will come from those that solve the most problems. Solving problems begins with the right information. If we are willing to begin learning it helps to know what it is that we spend time and energy learning. Peter Senge from MIT who wrote the bookThe 5th Discipline said, “The only competitive advantage for a company will be how fast they learn.” He calls them learning organizations. Since organizations are comprised of individuals, I call them learning individuals.  Jim Collins from the best selling book Good to Great said that companies that went from good to great happened when their leadership took hold. If that is true, then it makes sense to learn leadership. I found that great leaders like Orrin Woodward are good at giving us things we would never think of asking for.
The second step is for people to utilize the right information. Once they know why they are doing something they learn how. The Leadership model of the future will help people design what they want their future to look like and then provide the tools to learn how. There is an abundance of hopelessness and dependency around us as the 5 Laws of Decline take hold of our society. This is not what we have been designed for. Associating with others who understand why they’re doing something and have a sense of purpose has always led to the creation of a better future. Decide what results you want for your future. Then make the commitment to get to one of the LIFE Leadership fall conventions and design your life.  God Bless, George Guzzardo