Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Claude Hamilton’s Book: Toughen Up

Claude Hamilton has inspired so many people throughout his life. He is a great and tremendous leader and I can not wait to read his new book Toughen Up.

Thank you, Scott Johnson

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Claude and Lana's House
Claude and Lana’s House
Claude Hamilton’s new book has been released and the early reports from readers is fantastic! Claude’s style and attitude permeate the book with a posture that helps people, well, toughen up. What an impressive story Claude and Lana Hamilton have moving from broke kids in the military to wealthy business owners with one of the nicest houses in the posh district of Atlantic Canada. Dreams come true for those who are true to their dreams and Claude and Lana model this daily. For many others had the same opportunity to grow and change, but fell victim to their own stinking-thinking. The Hamilton’s, in contrast, allowed the challenges to strengthen their resolve and convictions as they changed to become champions. Here is a short video on Claude’s new book Toughen Up from LIFE Leadership.

Claude Hamilton
Claude Hamilton
Claude Hamilton’s life ought to be written about in every North American newspaper and magazine. Not because of his amazing results in life, although they are mighty impressive, but more because of the nearly insurmountable struggles he had to overcome in order to achieve this success. Nothing has come easy for Claude and Lana Hamilton. Indeed, that is why I love the title of his new book Toughen Up, since that is exactly what the Hamilton’s did to win in the game of life.
Since age 12, when he joined the Royal Navy Sea Cadets, Claude has reached the top pinnacles of leadership in every field he has entered. The reason for his consistent success is described in detail in the book the reader is holding in his hands. The Eight Strengths will guide, challenge, and inspire anyone seeking the principles for long-term success. Moreover, the chapters are so engaging, that I finished the book still wanting more. How Claude taught so many lessons in so few words is beyond me.
The teaching, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg in this book. Claude’s personal stories anchor each of the Eight Strengths, helping the reader view the principles in action. If success is measured by how far a person climbs from where he started, then Claude Hamilton is one of the most successful people I have ever met. With so many around him making poor choices and living lives of quiet desperation, Claude’s set himself apart through the consistent application of his Eight Strengths.
On a personal note, I consider it an honor to have a front row seat in Claude’s life for the last seven years. During this time, I have watched him apply each of these principles in his life and business, choosing principles over short-term profits whenever the conflicted. His friendship, encouragement, and attitude have been a huge blessing to me. In the many hours of life and leadership discussions with Claude, I had heard many of his stories and all the core principles before. Nonetheless, reading them in this book while visualizing the joys, pains, and fears Claude must have felt in the moment moved me.
Accordingly, I warn you in advance that Toughen Up is a roller coaster ride of emotions as the reader empathizes with the Claude’s dreams, struggles and eventual victory. It’s a book that readers will turn back to again and again for information and inspiration on the success journey. Thank You Claude Hamilton for having the physical, mental, and spiritual toughness to “finish what you started.” Because Claude finished, others will be inspired to begin.