Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shiny Butterflies

This is a post that I have gotten off of Eric Blomdahl's blog. It is something his Wife had posted. I thought it was funny and like so many other people that I know.
I hope you enjoy it.
God Bless, Scott Johnson

Guest post by my awesome wife…enjoy!
I have what my husband calls, “Shiny Butterfly Syndrome”. I get easily distracted. A typical day for me went something like this: I’d be sitting on the couch by Eric and think “I’m really thirsty, I could use a glass of water.” I’d go to the kitchen to get the water and realize that the dishes need to be done. So I’d start to do the dishes, but the dish rag is the one from yesterday and smells a little weird so I take it to the laundry room. Then I notice that the clothes in the washer need to be put in the dryer, but the dryer is full of towels.  So I start to fold the towels when I hear a voice from the bathroom say, “Mom, I’m done”. So I go help the child and now the bathroom needs to be cleaned.  By now, I am working up a sweat and start thinking, “I’m thirsty, I could really use a glass of water.” So I get my water, go sit back down and Eric asks, “Where have you been for the last hour and a half?”  To which I reply…”Getting a glass of water.”
I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get anything done. There were many things I wanted to incorporate into my schedule, but felt I was so busy and couldn’t see how to fit it all in. I felt rushed, unbalanced and unable to give my best to all my priorities.  I have heard LIFE Co-Founder, Claude Hamilton, say, “You can’t expect what you don’t inspect.”  It hit me that maybe I need to inspect my daily actions. It was time to take an honest evaluation of what I was actually doing with my time and identify my true priorities.  It was also time to stop allowing my busyness to keep me from achieving the goals I wanted and expected.
When you are that scattered you need a system to keep you on track. There are some great books through LIFE on organizing your time, prioritizing your schedule and how to stop procrastinating. Those books are: “Eat That Frog!” by Brian Tracy and “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephan R. Covey. The “7 Habits” book is one of my favorites because it helps you identify your core values/priorities and walks you through how to set up your schedule based on those core values.  My initial plan was to keep track of everything I did throughout the day for a whole week. That only lasted about 2 days. I quickly realized how much time I wasted by being distracted and by not having a specific plan for each day.  I also realized there were things in my schedule that were interfering with my priorities.
Once I identified my shortcomings, I could now come up with a plan to change. I took my to-do list and assigned a time slot to each item. I treated those things as an appointment I had to keep. Over time I learned to focus on one task at a time and that I could make time for what matters most to me. I also learned it was okay to say, “No” to anything that would keep me from my priorities.  At the end of the day, I felt I had invested time in each area of importance, felt more balanced and at peace knowing that I was doing what would lead me to the results I wanted and expected.
Only when you identify where you are currently at can you make the necessary changes to move toward your ultimate goal.  Your future will be a result of what you do today. Don’t get distracted by “shiny butterflies”…make today count.
God Bless
Jennifer Blomdahl

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

This article was written by a man whose name is Kirk Birtles. Kirk loves the commitment to morality, integrity, and character and is one of the best leaders in Life. Together Kirk and his wife Cassie have developed into some of the most enthusiastic leaders in Team. Today, Kirk and Cassie love to work together in order to serve their team.

One of the biggest success principles I have learned from being involved with Orrin Woodward and the Life business is, ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’.  Being a tough, thought-reframing, pain-ignoring, conflict-resolving, overcoming and problem-solving man or woman is a big part of what it is all about to be a true success.  As you probably noticed, the saying is not ‘if’ it gets tough, its ‘when’ it gets tough.  We will all face obstacles, challenges on our success journey.  The question is will we be ready to face these mini-golliaths as they come up on the road to success. We have all heard the old cliche statements like, ‘success is always on the other side of inconvenience’, ‘dream, struggle, victory’, and ‘The greater the obstacle, the greater the glory’, etc….  The more I dig into leadership and success, the more I am convinced that all these cornball statements are absolutely true!  God has equipped us all with abilities way beyond what we currently believe.  Let’s have the faith and trust in this to be tough and see it through.
As I am sitting here in my office thinking of what to write next, I look around at my bookshelves chocked-full of biographies of the most successful & tough people that have ever lived.  People like Winston Churchill, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Shackleton, Sam Walton, Tom Monaghan, Jackie Chan, Chuck Yeager, Jay Leno, Jim Elliot, Vince Lombardi, Cal Ripken, the apostle Paul, Theodore Roosevelt, and countless others.  People who are or have been the best in the world at their respective craft, but at the same time have proven to be about as tough as you can get.  There is a definite correlation between ‘success’ and ‘toughness’.  In other words, if you want to have more success and move on in life, it’s time to TOUGHEN UP!
Here are 5 ‘Toughness’ life categories and some tips and resources to help you toughen up:
The battle of the mind – due to our fallen nature, and the ever-present trials and tribulations of this world, our thinking always tends to head as they say, ‘south of cheese’.  In other words, it starts to become doubt-ridden, negative, whiney, cynical, sarcastic, depressed, and over all ‘stinking’.  Orrin Woodward is one of the best in the world I have seen at constantly reframing his thinking and never letting it get close to ‘south of cheese’.  A few months ago, Orrin was interviewed by a top international success magazine, and the interviewer/writer asked Orrin what he did when he had a bad week?   Orrin said, ‘A bad week?  I never have a bad week!’  The interviewer said, ‘Ok.  What about when you have a bad day?’  Orrin replied, ‘A bad day?  I never have a bad day!  If I have a bad second, I am doing everything in my power to reframe my thinking and stop that weed from growing even before it even starts!’  Pause for a minute, and truly consider the magnitude of this little glimpse into Orrin Woodward’s life.  If you can understand and embrace what he was telling that interviewer, you will be on the road to massive success.
Physical Pain – One common factor of all people, no matter where you come from, or how well you live, is that we are physically falling apart and almost always, somehow sick or in pain.  If you were in a room of 1000 people and somehow could read their minds, you would realize that everyone has some physical issue that they are fighting through.  Here are some examples – common cold, back-pain, head-ache, arthritis, digestive problems, allergies, and many, many more.  The key to overcoming this ‘pain’ is not obsessing over it, and telling everyone you know about it.  The key is to not buy your own excuses.  Listen to what Dr. David Swartz says in his mega best-seller, the Magic of Thinking Big:
Study the lives of successful people and you’ll discover this: all the excuses made by the mediocre fellow could be, but aren’t made by the successful person.  Health excusitis ranges all the way from the chronic ‘I don’t feel good’, to the more specific ‘I’ve got such and such wrong with me.’  Millions and millions of people suffer health excusitis and is used as an excuse not to do what they need to do to become successful.
Here are four things you can do to lick health excusitis:  1) Refuse to talk about your health.  2) Refuse to worry about your health.  3) Be genuinely grateful that your health is as good as it is.  4) Remind yourself often, ‘It’s better to wear out, than to rust out’.  Resolve to ‘live until you die’!
Conflict – Orrin Woodward says in his Top 100 leadership book, Resolved: 13 Resolutions for life, that:
Whether leading a business, church, or charitable organization, the ability to resolve conflict is essential to success.  Everyone should make it a rule that if he thinks about a hurt more than once, not being able to forgive the other party, that he should address the issue promptly.
If you have a conflict with someone, and both of you desire resolution, use the following 5 steps for conflict resolution:  1) Affirm the relationship.  2) Seek to understand.  3) Seek to be understood.  4) Own responsibility by apologizing.  5) Seek agreement.
Failure – It is important to understand that ‘failure is not fatal’.  In fact, it is a necessary learning step on the way to success.  Abraham Lincoln famously failed himself to success.  Have a look at this impressive list of Lincoln failures on the road to becoming the President:
1832 – lost his job, 1833 – failed in business, 1835 – his sweetheart dies, 1836 – suffered a nervous breakdown, 1838 – defeated for speaker of the house, 1843 – defeated for congress, 1848 – defeated for congress, 1854 – defeated for senate, 1856 – defeated for Vice President, 1858 – defeated for senate.
In 1860, after failing, reframing and learning several times, Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States of America.  In the famous words of the not so famous Chumbawamba band, ‘When I get knocked down, I get up again.  You’re never going to keep me down!’
Murphy’s law  - If something could possibly go wrong, it probably will.  Are you prepared to handle the problems that you know are bound to happen?   Leaders are problem solvers!   Listen to what Robert Updegraff says about troubles and obstacles on your job:
A man should be grateful every hour of every day for the troubles of his job: they pay at least half his wage or salary.  For if there were no troubles it would be easy to get someone to do his work for half, or even a third, of the pay he is getting.  If he wants a bigger job, with a better income, he has to look for more troubles, and learn how to lick them.  A bigger job will usually gravitate to him–often actually seek him out–if he is capable of coping with the problems and troubles that go with it.  Especially is this true if he has cultivated the knack of doing everything pleasantly and with apparent ease and assurance.  It is this special knack, which incidentally is perfectly possible for any man to cultivate, that usually puts the fancy edge on a salary.
I hope this article and the amazing resources cited help you to ‘TOUGHEN UP’ on the road to success!
God bless,
Kirk Birtles

Dad and his daughters

This is an article posted by one of Life's top leaders Aron Radosa.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Thank you, Scott Johnson

Recently an old friend called me and asked about how to talk to his daughter about becoming a woman.  To say that the question blew me back is an understatement.  His daughter is the same age as my oldest daughter(10 yrs old).  My mind was working in over-drive.  ”She is too young.”  ”She doesn’t need to know that stuff right now.”  ”She isn’t developing yet.”  ”Oh, wait Mary said that she was talking about a boy the other day.”  ”She has heard the sexuality talk from her mom.”  ”Is that enough.”  ”My oldest, Hailie, said just yesterday on her way to school, ‘Why do babies have to come from S…E….X…?!’” AUGH!!!  As a dad, you dream of your daughter growing up and becoming great.  You imagine that she will always treat you as the king, but in the same stream of consciousness, you know she had better treat her husband as her #1.  But not for a long time in the future, RIGHT?!
My wife, Mary, is incredible at helping my thick skull see things differently.  Mary has encouraged me to tell my daughters how beautiful they are.  Each daughter takes from their father the aspect of their beauty.  A daughter is dependent on the compliments of their dad to establish and maintain a healthy view of herself.  Mary stated that “beauty comes from the father’s view and then transferred onto the husband at marriage”.   I have done my best to tell Hailie and now, Reagan (my two daughters) how gorgeous they are.  Great example:  Hailie was having a down day and Mary told me to remind her how beautiful Hailie is to me.  Reluctantly (because I was being told what to do), I said,”Hailie, you are gorgeous!”; a feeling I had but did not express out loud.  Her reaction was one of covering her face and walking away.   Mary said, “Do it again.  She loved it.”  So, a few hours later, I repeated my truth to her.  I received the same reaction.  But that night, Hailie snuggled up to me to watch a movie (something she did not do).  I was amazed and elated.  Boy, do our girls need us!
Now gentlemen, their beauty is determined by our perspective, but how about this “purity” thing.  Anybody out there like me?  You are loading your guns and sharpening your aim.  A boy with my daughter?!?—> BAM!  No more boy!  Only kidding, (sort of…)  That is my natural thoughts, but not very healthy or Biblical.  We have established in our household the mother’s role to talk to our daughters about sex and the father’s role to talk to my son.  But the purity thing is a dual responsibility.  And yes, I said, “your RESPONSIBILITY”.  Now I am not perfect nor am I seasoned on this perspective, but some of you readers may be.  In the movie, Courageous, there a great scene of a dad’s want to fulfill the role of a promise.  One of the fathers takes his daughter out to eat at a very elegant restaurant.  During the meal, he presents her with a “promise” ring and places it on her finger to remind her of God’s request and command for purity until marriage.  [Old fashion?  I think not. Just the truth] He promises to be there for her until she finds the one that she falls in love with that believes and maintains the same belief system.  At marriage, the ring will be replaced with a wedding ring.  The transfer is then given unto the new husband to be the stronghold and keeper of her beauty.
Now, I know that I have only scratched the surface of the thoughts.  It is a crucial area of importance for family and fatherhood.  Please tell me of your resources and experiences so we can become stronger as husbands, fathers, and leaders.
My Daughters
To tell you how I feel
Is a task great indeed.
To say you are part of my heart
is simply too small and bleak.
Your smiles and hugs
can blow away any storm.
But your beauty before my eyes
is God reflection in a form.
I ask of you
to grow towards your great.
and maintain the love of God
as bright in every state.
One request of you
and I will end this truth.
Be as great and beautiful
as your Mother has been to both me and you.

God bless,   Aron
Steel the Mind and Tender the Heart.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Young People doing BIG things

This is an article posted by Steve Morgan at STEVEN-MORGAN.NET
Thank You, Scott Johnson 
In this day and age, you need to be willing to go for it with an idea you believe in.  We live in times where people are turning back to entrepreneurship as a better way of life.  I wanted to highlight a young lady that is doing just that.  Alexa Bach is an ambitious young lady that is not only creating, but giving young people hope to go out and do something big.
She has had a few really cool press releases done about her new app/company.  As any sibling would be for another, I am super proud of what my younger sister is doing.  It takes guts to take a risk and create something. Here are a couple of the write ups she has had so far.
Traverse City Business News
Recent college graduate Alexa Bach of Kingsley has created a new App for keeping track of your schedule: Schedg-It. The scheduling system allows service professionals to enter appointments and then immediately send reminder alerts to clients via the application, text message or email. its ultimate purpose is to link service providers and clients in a way that reduces missed appointments. it is able to sync with other personal calendars on the client’s mobile device, eliminating double-booking and improving efficiency.
Service providers pay a small fee to use the technology, but the service is free for consumers.
Bach says guiding the business from the initial idea through the final launch was excellent hands-on experience. “This is classic application of everything I have learned from my business degree,” says Bach. “Including getting my brother to provide financial backing before he went into the Air Force.”
                   Grand Traverse Womanphoto

Alexa Bach has created an App that may transform the way appointments are scheduled. Schedg-It was created out of necessity after she missed a dentist appointment because of a misplaced reminder card. Bach’s business degree enabled her to manage everything from inception to launch. Office employees simply add a client’s appointment to the software. It is sent and stored in the client’s Schedg-It App. The App can sync with other calendars on the client’s mobile device, eliminating double-booking and improving efficiency.
Way to Go Alexa!! We are super proud of all that she has done so far and is getting ready to do in the near future with her new and rising company.
If you or anyone you know is in the business of using appointments on a daily basis, this could be the solution to their constant missed or no-show appointments.
You can check it out at:
Leave some comments of encouragement for Alexa. I’m sure she would appreciate them.
Thanks for reading,
Alexa Bach says:
HI Everyone! Thank you for reading this blog! I am the entrepreneur of Schedg-It and would like to explain a little bit about this cool app and reminder system. For starters, it is a two-fold system, meaning that 1. service professionals that choose to use the Schedg-It reminder system can remind clients of upcoming appointments and events. 2. clients can download the FREE Schedg-It app at the Google Play Store or App Store to receive the appointment reminders at NO COST. If someone does not have a smart phone, then they will still be able to receive the reminder through a text message (Messaging rates apply).
This is the newest way to stay reminded of upcoming appointments! It is a few steps above entering in your own appointment/event into your personal calendar or setting a reminder because with Schedg-It, clients will receive up to 3 reminders before the appointment. Also, they have the ability to confirm, cancel/reschedule the appointment with a tap of the button on the app. Not only that, but Schedg-It syncs with your personal phone calendar so all of your appointments will be in your personal calendar as well, AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ENTER THEM!!!
This allows the service provider to keep their clients reminded of upcoming appointments and it also makes them responsible for entering in the appointment and sending it to you. Its so simple, easy to use and affordable. Tell everyone you know about this new system because its revolutionary!
Download the app today and tell your service provider to remind you with Schedg-It :)
Please contact me at if you have any questions!

Letters to Lindsey by Terri Brady


Letters to Lindsey by Terri Brady

Terri Brady cleverly manages to transfer the extraordinary life lessons God has taught her straight into readers’ hearts, where inspiration and transformation take place. She has been captivating audiences for nearly twenty years with her heartfelt and often hilarious teachings and stories on such topics as the joys of marriage and raising children, living a Godly life, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success. Along with some of her most joyous experiences, she candidly shares her own personal struggles with overcoming such life obstacles as pride, doubt, infertility, a brain tumor, and having a child with life-threatening food allergies by drawing close to and surveying the character of God and surrendering to His greater plan and benevolence.Letters to Lindsey is the perfect treasure to help you build your faith and thoroughly enjoy and appreciate life.

In the words of the author, “These letters are meant to vent, challenge, or simply entertain, but always to leave the reader and the writer changed.”

Letters to Lindsey by Terri Brady is available through our products page if you would like to order a copy.

Thank you, Scott Johnson

Friday, October 25, 2013

"Dare to Dream!"

I love classic Orrin Woodward blog posts. I re-posted this beauty for your enjoyment. I'd also like to invite you to visit these outstanding blog posts written by other LIFE founders. Just click on the name and it'll take you directly to the site!

Tim Marks
Claude Hamilton
Dan Hawkins

God Bless!
Scott Johnson

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.” – T.E. Lawrence

All dream; few achieve. Since everyone wants a better life, why do so few accomplish it? The answer: one must solve the problem of pain. It’s painful to dream of a better future and get shot down again and again. Success, although predictable over time, takes a massive amount of persistence to stay the course when results are not forthcoming quickly enough. In fact, I have watched many talented men and women surrender their dreams through the lack of one key attribute – Adversity Quotient (AQ). These people had all the talent; some even applied themselves for a period of time, but when the chips were down, they quit.

My fourth grade teacher’s favorite maxim, which he repeated daily was: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” I am not sure of its effect on the rest of the class, but as for me, it transformed how I responded to challenges. Any time I ran into difficulties, I reflected back on my teacher’s words. I was fortunate to have parents who taught a similar philosophy to that of my teacher. For instance, most people surrender with little or no fight when they run up against a wall, but not my parents. Interestingly, my mom and dad used entirely different, although both highly effective, strategies in overcoming walls in life. Let me explain. If my parents were taken to a twenty-foot-high brick wall and told they had to bust through it, I am convinced they would both accomplish the task. However, the means to the end would be entirely different.

My mom is a worker. No, that doesn’t quite explain it. My mom is a fanatical worker. In truth, to this day, I have never seen anyone work as relentlessly as my mother on any task undertaken. She would announce a project, dole out various assignments to the five children, and off we went. If my mom needed to get over a brick wall, she would metaphorically lower her head and crash into the brick wall until it gave way. I am not exaggerating here; she would literally will herself through that wall. The amount of obstacles that I saw my mother overcome humbles me to this day. My mom, in other words, would do and then think about how she did it.

In contrast, my dad was a thinker. No, it’s probably more accurate to say he was a philosopher of life. In fact, to this day, I cannot recall an evening where he wasn’t discussing some concept or principle he was wrestling with in his head. I had no idea at the time, but my dad used the Socratic method to draw out how we thought on a multitude of subjects, forcing us to reason properly or be shot down around the kitchen table. Indeed, if my dad needed to surmount a proverbial brick wall, he would state the problem, count the bricks, and form a working hypothesis on how to overcome. Counting, analyzing, and theorizing would be logical steps in the achievement of his goal. My dad, in other words, would think and then act upon what he thought.

Somehow, during the fourth grade, I began adopting my mom’s work ethic along with my dad’s philosophical methodology and combined them together with my teacher’s get tough principle. What an empowering gift these mentors bequeathed to me! My dad taught me to begin with the end in mind. My mom taught me that a job well begun is half done, and my teacher taught me the importance of AQ in any worthy endeavor. I had no idea how revolutionary these concepts were to become in my life.

What does all this have to do with dreaming? Nearly everything! Dreaming is beginning with the end in mind, doing is moving towards one’s goals and dreams, and lastly, persistence is staying tough even when everything inside of a person is screaming to surrender. I have lost count of how many times, when I was on the verge of surrendering, that the winner’s voice inside of me said one more time, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Do you have dreams? Of course, you do because everyone does. Are you still pursuing them, or have you surrendered to the pain? I say get back up! If you are willing to run for what you truly want, if you are willing to get up every time you are knocked down, if you are willing to persist through every painful experience, then, and only then, will you win in the game of life.

Everyone is born into the race of life. Unfortunately, most have quit because they cannot handle the pain and choose passivity over activity. I, however, encourage you to reenter the race and press on to the end to receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. God gave us the gift of life; do not hand it back to Him unused.

Orrin Woodward

Success Keys!

This post is an oldie but a goodie from Orrin. Still valid and valuable advice nonetheless! Enjoy!

God Bless!
Scott Johnson

Three Keys To Success!

In a home too cramped for our growing family, in a relationship where neither of us understood the other, in a time of increasing responsibilities and decreasing hope, in a desperate move to keep my baseball cards, Laurie and I started our compensated community. Can there be a more bizarre beginning to a destiny changing day? Your story is different in the details, but alike in the life-changing opportunity presented to you. Building compensated communities provides people the opportunity to take control of their futures and no longer swim with the current of the times. There are only 3 steps to master to accomplish nearly any goal or dream that you can imagine through the power of a Community: 

1. Define

2. Learn

3. Do

Life is not always a bowl of cherries as it pulls us in so many directions, requiring more than we would give in three lifetimes, forcing us to clearly define what we want to accomplish with the time God has given us. Clearly defining your objectives, narrowing your field of vision to the critical few, painstakingly visualizing, repetitively experiencing in your mind, and developing your game plan are essential features of all successful lives. DO NOT WORK THE BUSINESS, BUT CHASE YOUR DREAM THROUGH THE BUSINESS!!Businesses are not built with an employee mentality, but with an ownership mentality, meaning, to do everything with a specific intent. Why do you go out night after night to build this business? You didn’t have a dream as a young child to build a community did you? The business is just the vehicle to accomplish your dreams, just as you buy a drill if you need a hole. No one buys a drill because they have always dreamed of owning a drill. A drill is the specific tool used to get the specific hole you need.

Building compensated communities is the specific tool to give you the time and money to get your dreams. When you know what you want, learning and doing become the necessary steps to achieve what you desire. If you do not take the time to clearly define why you are in business, then you are setting yourself up to fail. Why share the product, why show the plan, why start the process, if you have no reason to? If you are not showing the plan 15 times a month, it’s not because you are lazy, it’s not because you are loser, it’s not because you are incapable, it’s only because you lack focus by not beginning with the end in mind. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Who would you choose for neighbors? What car would you drive? What charities would you support? What vacations would you take? What random acts of kindness would you do? It must be defined, imagined, and experienced mentally before it will happen physically.

Learning is one of the most natural things that we do as human beings. Anyone with children has experienced the endless questions that your kids will ask you as they seek to learn. But daddy, why is the sky blue? Why do we drive on the right side of the road? How do our brains see the pictures from our eyes? We are born hungry to learn, but society quenches this hunger through ridicule and scorn. Building compensated communities has reversed societies rules and created a culture that is hungry to learn. No one is above learning and the quicker you learn, the quicker you will apply, the quicker you will have. Learning is not a part-time hobby, not a full-time job, but a life-time of joy. Have you experienced the joy of learning lately? Are you listening and learning from CD’s and your upline’s advice? Are you reading books, brochures etc? Are you pounding through the information from the best of the best? If you’re not, perhaps you need to revisit your dream.

Making contacts, picking up the phone, showing the plan, talking in front of people, were some of the most fearful things that I had to overcome. In fact, the only thing that helped me get over my unbelievable shyness and corresponding fears was the power of my dreams. It makes me want to gag when I hear people say, “Well you have to be a certain type of person to build a network,” assuming that you are born that way. Yes, you have to be a winner to build a network, but anyone can be a winner with the three steps that we are covering. Winning is simple, but it isn’t easy because you must swim against the current. It you want to win, then you must Define your win, Learn how to win and then JUST DO IT! No guts, no glory! We do only one conference call open for everyone in our organization and that is our Go-Getter call. 15 plans per month and you spend several hours listening and learning from the biggest leaders. Are you going to let 15 plans per month stop you from obtaining your goals and dreams?

Are you going to let the negative thoughts of others deny you from the destiny you desire? Laurie and I decided to follow our dreams, not our dreads and it made all the difference? Are you dreaming, learning and doing or dreading, lying, and dying? The choice you make weaves the strands of your destiny. Your posterity will either be blessed by your courage or cursed by your cowardice. Choose wisely, my friend. God Bless, Orrin Woodward

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Business is Relationships - Orrin Woodward

Orrin Woodward explains that business leaders do not have to be stern, and they do not have to always be right. The relationships that a leader builds are key, and it's okay to protect another person's ego in one's business and personal dealings. If a leader shares his mistakes, others can learn from that experience and avoid making the same mistakes themselves. And in sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has gained from his own errors, a leader will not look bad, but instead will actually look better because he was willing to admit and demonstrate that he is only human like everyone else!

I Hope you can learn from this valuable information. Orrin Woodward is truly one of the great leaders of our time.

Thank you, Scott Johnson 

Claude Hamilton’s Book: Toughen Up

Claude Hamilton has inspired so many people throughout his life. He is a great and tremendous leader and I can not wait to read his new book Toughen Up.

Thank you, Scott Johnson

This is From Orrin Woodward's Blog.

Claude and Lana's House
Claude and Lana’s House
Claude Hamilton’s new book has been released and the early reports from readers is fantastic! Claude’s style and attitude permeate the book with a posture that helps people, well, toughen up. What an impressive story Claude and Lana Hamilton have moving from broke kids in the military to wealthy business owners with one of the nicest houses in the posh district of Atlantic Canada. Dreams come true for those who are true to their dreams and Claude and Lana model this daily. For many others had the same opportunity to grow and change, but fell victim to their own stinking-thinking. The Hamilton’s, in contrast, allowed the challenges to strengthen their resolve and convictions as they changed to become champions. Here is a short video on Claude’s new book Toughen Up from LIFE Leadership.

Claude Hamilton
Claude Hamilton
Claude Hamilton’s life ought to be written about in every North American newspaper and magazine. Not because of his amazing results in life, although they are mighty impressive, but more because of the nearly insurmountable struggles he had to overcome in order to achieve this success. Nothing has come easy for Claude and Lana Hamilton. Indeed, that is why I love the title of his new book Toughen Up, since that is exactly what the Hamilton’s did to win in the game of life.
Since age 12, when he joined the Royal Navy Sea Cadets, Claude has reached the top pinnacles of leadership in every field he has entered. The reason for his consistent success is described in detail in the book the reader is holding in his hands. The Eight Strengths will guide, challenge, and inspire anyone seeking the principles for long-term success. Moreover, the chapters are so engaging, that I finished the book still wanting more. How Claude taught so many lessons in so few words is beyond me.
The teaching, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg in this book. Claude’s personal stories anchor each of the Eight Strengths, helping the reader view the principles in action. If success is measured by how far a person climbs from where he started, then Claude Hamilton is one of the most successful people I have ever met. With so many around him making poor choices and living lives of quiet desperation, Claude’s set himself apart through the consistent application of his Eight Strengths.
On a personal note, I consider it an honor to have a front row seat in Claude’s life for the last seven years. During this time, I have watched him apply each of these principles in his life and business, choosing principles over short-term profits whenever the conflicted. His friendship, encouragement, and attitude have been a huge blessing to me. In the many hours of life and leadership discussions with Claude, I had heard many of his stories and all the core principles before. Nonetheless, reading them in this book while visualizing the joys, pains, and fears Claude must have felt in the moment moved me.
Accordingly, I warn you in advance that Toughen Up is a roller coaster ride of emotions as the reader empathizes with the Claude’s dreams, struggles and eventual victory. It’s a book that readers will turn back to again and again for information and inspiration on the success journey. Thank You Claude Hamilton for having the physical, mental, and spiritual toughness to “finish what you started.” Because Claude finished, others will be inspired to begin.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Are you others focused?

Dan Hawkins is a Policy Council Member of Team, LIFE Founder, Blog Author, Christian, Husband, Father.
He posted a short video on his blog I thought could be of help to everyone.
Thank you, Scott Johnson

Here is a short video of a talk I presented in Madison, WI. Becoming a people person can improve every aspect of your
Better information leads to a better life
Better information leads to a better life
life. At LIFE Leadership we believe that learning how to relate and serve others will improve your quality of life.
People skills are something that we use every day. Whether it’s with your family, your co-workers, your friends, or even complete strangers, people skills are necessary to maintain a positive relationship with those people. More specifically, effective people skills are necessary to maintain positive relationships in your life.
God bless,

“How to Get Down on Yourself” – COAC book excerpt

This is an excerpt from Tim Marks latest book, Confidence of a Champion. Tim Marks is a Founder of LIFE Leadership.
Hope this helps all of you in your success through life.
Thank you, Scott Johnson

Hey gang!  Here is an excerpt from my latest book, Confidence of a Champion, available through LIFE Leadership.  I have had the privilege of coaching and mentoring many hundreds of people, some who rose to greater levels of success than others.  One thing that I consistently see in high-performers is that they build themselves (and others) up.  On the flip side, those who struggle to attain success tend to tear themselves down.  My mentor, Orrin Woodward, has always taught me the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a critical component to reaching our goals.
In this excerpt, I share some examples of how NOT to speak to yourself, spoken in a tongue-in-cheek manor.  Hope this excerpt helps you on your success journey!
God bless, Tim
If you want to be your own emotional punching bag, you don’t need to re-invent the wheel; people have been beating themselves up emotionally long before you were a twinkle in your parent’s eyes.  You may feel you are, as Winston Churchill said of his opponent, “A modest man who has much to be modest about.” Here are some sure-fire ways to make yourself feel terrible in no time.  (Said tongue-in-cheek.)
  •  Ignore or devalue everything you do well.    Focusing on what you did wrong and ignoring everything you do well is a sure-fire way to deflate yourself.  If you cook Christmas dinner and 19 people are raving about the food, but one person disliked the mashed potatoes, make sure to ignore all the compliments and just focus on the one criticism.  You’ll feel terrible in no time.
  • “Yeah, but,” thinking.  When someone says something nice about you, look for why they are incorrect in thinking that.  Clearly they must be wrong, so it’s up to you to figure out how they made the mistake of thinking you are worthy of a compliment.  If they say, “You look great in that outfit!”  Just answer by saying, “What, this old thing?  I got it in a rummage sale.  It’s really not that nice.  Besides, Jane down the street has the exact same outfit.”  If someone says, “Great job on the report!” you can answer by saying, “Yeah, but I made a mistake on page three, paragraph two.”
  • Point out the smudges.  If someone comes to your home and mentions what a great job you did painting your living room, say, “Yeah, but did you notice the smudge of paint in the corner of the ceiling?  I made a mistake.  Wait, let me get the stepladder so we can look at the mistake up close.  Do you see it yet?  I’m amazed you didn’t notice it, because it’s all I ever see when I walk into the room.”
  • Call yourself names.  Whenever describing yourself, just use terms like “jerk”, “wimp”, “loser”, and any other creative variation to really knock yourself down and feel bad about yourself.  Just constantly insult yourself.  Did you lose the race in Grade 5 gym class?  Then you are a “loser”, now and forever, because of that one event twenty years ago.  Never mind that it’s utterly irrational to place a global evaluation of your worth as a person based on an isolated event or action; go ahead and slap that totally unfair label on for the slightest misdeed or error on your part.  That seems fair.
  • Be unforgiving of any mistakes you make.  Be your own toughest critic.  If you get 99% on your real estate exam, where did the other 1% go?  Just tell yourself that a good, worthwhile person wouldn’t have screwed up the way you did.  Surely, he would have gotten 100%.  Not only that, you should keep a running tally of every mistake you have ever made throughout your life.  Remember in Grade 3 when you got the answer wrong in the spelling bee?  Surely any other eight-year-old wouldn’t have hesitated when asked how to spell “antidisestablishmentarianism.”  You were clearly out of your league and had no business competing.  Plus, you should make sure to go home that night and describe this mistake in your journal so that you can review it and punish yourself forever.
  • Exaggerate your faults.  While it might be true that everyone has faults, YOUR faults are really despicable.  If people really knew the terrible things you do, they would never want to be around you again.  Why, just last week you got into an elevator after lunch, having enjoyed several “Taco Bell” burritos and a sparkling soft drink.  Needless to say, the combination of carbonated beverage and reheated taco meat produced an unholy combination in your tummy.  Thankfully you were alone in the elevator at the time.  Then the elevator doors opened and someone from the third floor stepped on.  Unforgivable.  (At least you were trapped in an elevator and not a Smart Car with a hot date.  Or, maybe you were!)
Hopefully, as you read these “tongue-in-cheek” examples, you can see that they are unfair.  Sometimes the best way to point out something irrational is to ridicule it.  If the way you think of yourself is unfairly harsh, perhaps you need to gently poke fun at how irrational that thinking is in order to reconsider how you can be gentle and loving towards yourself.

Please don’t read the previous list thinking, “I’m such a loser for thinking this way.  I always beat myself up.  I’m sure everyone notices how I screw up this way all the time.  Unforgivable.”  If you read the previous list and have that reaction, please re-read the list, because you are still beating yourself up unfairly.  While it can be helpful to keep us humble, focusing on our weaknesses too often can do more harm than good.